CAPS is a multi-disciplined Architecture and Design company operating on the global stage. Our Zurich based company, founded in 1997 by French principal Christophe Carpente, has worked on four continents with some of the world most prestigious and exciting brands. Uniquely positioned, CAPS services clients with a broad range of competencies.


Known foremost for innovative and award-winning retail architecture and design, CAPS has evolved through a journey of experiences. Now a full-service company, CAPS is also renowned for residential work, corporate projects, product design and merchandising programs. CAPS’ specialty is handling the entire service aspect of any project.


CAPS’ philosophy is a strong belief in partnership. Our work style is flexible and we consider this best exampled by the variety of our clients and projects. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction through our dedicated service, remaining greatly involved in all aspects of a job. And we are most proud of the strong relationships we have forged with our clients over many years. These successful relationships have been the catalyst for the evolution of the company, responding to clients needs has allowed our breadth of experiences to flourish.


CAPS, a global creative partner for architecture and design.